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Kane Enterprises introduces Correct?, nutritional formula paste for cattle.

Kane Enterprises introduces Correct™, nutritional formula paste for cattle.

The paste is safe, effective, and it's the most complete paste line available, the company says.

Kane offers seven formulations to meet cow's specific needs.

Correct Dual Calcium for dairy cows when calving provides immediate and sustained calcium release.

Correct Energy is for cows in negative energy balance, providing approximately three mega joules of energy in the form of propylene glycol and molasses and other important nutrients for dairy cows in periods of negative energy balance.

Correct Rumen Starter is an appetite stimulant for ruminants with indigestion. The product contains nutrients, which enable the re-establishment of the ruminal micro flora after periods of digestive disturbances.

Correct Acta is activated charcoal and tannic acid for animals with toxemia and/or diarrhea.

Correct Magnesium for beef and dairy cattle is a supportive treatment and prevention of grass tetany.

Correct Combination is a supportive treatment of ruminal acidosis and/or abomasal ulcers.

Correct Phosphate Plus is sodium phosphate and energy for a cow after calving to keep blood phosphorus at a sufficient level.

Correct cartridges use sealed tips ensuring integrity of the product, eliminating potential product tampering.

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