Continuum DAP-R targets four antigens in three-year vaccine


Millsboro, Del. ? Intervet Inc. announces the addition of Continuum? DAP-R to its Continuum line of vaccines.

MILLSBORO, DEL. — Intervet Inc. announces the addition of Continuum® DAP-R to its Continuum line of vaccines. Continuum DAP-R is the first and only three-year core vaccine that includes all four core antigens (distemper, adenovirus, parvovirus and rabies virus). It also is the first core vaccine that covers four vaccine requirements according to American Animal Hospital Association vaccination guidelines.

The addition of Continuum DAP-R offers practitioners the convenience of Continuum DAP in combination with a three-year, USDA-labeled rabies virus vaccine. Continuum DAP-R contains modified-live CDV, CAV-2 and CPV along with inactivated rabies virus produced from the Pasteur rabies virus strain, the company reports.

Continuum DAP-R provides three-year protection against CDV, CAV-1, CPV and rabies virus, the company reports.

The product has been evaluated in dogs with vaccination/challenge testing methodologies.

To demonstrate efficacy, vaccinated dogs and age-matched, non-vaccinated controls were challenged three years following initial vaccination.

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