Continued coverage of alleged animal cruelty by Texas veterinarian Dr. Millard Tierce


Veterinarian faces million-dollar lawsuits over accusations of gross negligence, animal cruelty and infliction of emotional distress after allegedly performing experiments on pets owners thought had been euthanized.

Texas veterinarian accused of keeping dogs for experiments in 'deplorable' conditions

Dr. Millard Tierce suspected of animal cruelty after former employee notified clients their pet was not euthanized as agreed upon.

Million-dollar lawsuit filed against Texas veterinarian

Couple accuse Millard Lucien Tierce, who allegedly kept sick dogs for experiments, of gross negligence.

Second lawsuit filed against Fort Worth veterinarian

Chihuahua owner accuses Millard Lucien Tierce, DVM, of gross negligence and intentional infliction of emotional distress.

Veterinarian charged with animal cruelty requests settlement from veterinary board

Evidence that Millard Lucien Tierce, DVM, kept animals meant for euthanasia for medical experiments has resulted in million-dollar lawsuits and put his license in jeopardy.

Texas veterinarian accused of cruelty indicted; has license suspended for five years by veterinary board

Millard Lucien Tierce, DVM, faces jail time in addition to veterinary boards order.

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