Confessions: Vet techs vent


Are you a veterinary technician who feels underpaid, undervalued and underestimated? Silver lining: Youre not alone. Another silver lining: there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Editor's note: These confessions were submitted through or written live at Fetch dvm360 by attendees. Need to get something off your chest? You can submit an anonymous confession here.

Some feel underqualified, some feel underutilized, and some are flat-out tired. These veterinary technicians share some of the frustrations, worries and struggles they encounter (and endure) in the field. 

The struggle is real

I have been a tech for 35 years and can't imagine doing something that doesn't involve animals but it has given me carpal tunnel and 2 total knee replacements. 

I have been an LVT for 16 years and still feel like I'm not qualified to do my job. 

I'm afraid my LVTs are smarter than my doctor. 

My vet field is just as good as your Dr's human medical field. Working with animals does not make me less of a medical advisor!


I have 2 degrees and work 50 hour stress-filled weeks busting my ass everyday. I would make 3x the money being a waitress. Signed an overworked, underpaid LVT. 

I wish vet techs wouldn't be so underestimated … and underpaid. I still love my job. 

I hate seeing so many friends leave this field. I hope the day comes when we are respected and valued within this profession. 

Doctors, trust your techs. Let them be a part of pet-owner bond. Plus, they are better at labs than you!


I am sick of being the only LVT in a 5 doctor super busy hospital with 10 assistants! Always being pulled in a million different directions! Doctors getting mad because I can't help them right when they want/need the help! Overworked, underpaid, feeling very under appreciated everyday! I'm praying for the day when we hire anther LVT!  

I wish our doctors utilized our technicians more. I didn't spend 30k on schooling waiting for you to finish updating your Facebook status before intubating my patient!

I've been a CVT for almost 10 years and have 2 other jobs to supplement my income. Pay your techs well or they will find a new career. 

I'm really sick of being told I'm “just a technician."


Even though I'm an RVT I still have to work a second, third, and sometimes fourth job to make ends meet … but I wouldn't have it any other way! 

One of our “seasoned” techs will extract teeth for one of the vets who hates doing it.

Some of my closest friends are the DVMs I work with. No matter how many times they tell me differently, I don't feel good enough to really think the friendship is real (I'm a tech).

I hate how I spent so much time and money to be a RVT to just have the doctor hand the RVT only tasks to others.


I've been a tech almost 20 years. I'm very done but don't have a clue what to do next. #41andfloundering

As much as I love my job, I am constantly short on money. I cannot imagine being in another career but I find it very stressful that I will be poor for the rest of my life and I have to rely on my husband. #vettechlife

There is hope!

There is hope! I hated vet school, almost dropped out due to suicidal thoughts. I hated my life my first year out, never felt good enough, had terrible work/life balance. Blamed myself and wondered what it was all for. Found a new job at a wonderful clinic and now love vet med! I love going to work! Best of all, I have normal hours, a great team, and found care/passions for myself beyond just my job!

I'm an RVT working in research. I have a lot more independence, freedom to use my education than I did in private practice. Please look into working in research! We need more RVTs in the field!  


Roses are red, violets are blue, vet techs are awesome and corgis too.

I have worked in multiple clinics and no one has cared about my goals as a RVT. Now I found a clinic and doctor who really care about my career and also want me to stay a long time. #Ilovemyjob #vettechlife

37 years as a tech. Can't imagine doing anything else! Find the right practice and be the best employee!

Thank you CVC (now Fetch dvm360) for renewing my zeal for the veterinary profession! Technicians are bad asses. Dr. Andy Roark told me so!!!


A licensed vet tech is your best asset. We can make your job easier. If you appreciate them … they will love you.

Only been a LVT for 3 years. But I struggle with compassion fatigue. But my patients save me. It's getting better.

I have been a vet tech for 30 years and finally love my job with Fear Free.

I started out as a vet tech at 24. Now I'm 60. I left, been with NYCDEP. Became a paramedic and came back 3 years ago. Happier than I've ever been. (Also poorer but hey it's only money)

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