Confessions: Every side of being a veterinary technician

August 19, 2019

You know what its like. Peek into the strong feelings and thoughts of todays veterinary technicians, thanks to these entries in the Veterinary Confessions Project. #VetTechLife

Editor's note: These confessions were submitted through or written live at Fetch dvm360 conference by attendees. Need to get something off your chest? You can submit an anonymous confession online.

Through thick and thin …

“What's that stain on your scrubs from? At this point I don't even know … #VetTechLife”

“So many friends have left this field, and I hope to never be like them. CVT4LYF!”

“Tech for 10 years strong … I've found my love for this profession again. It was almost too late. Mental illness is real. Please don't ignore it. I didn't. Love to ALL OF YOU.”


I'm the hero you deserve

“I am a vet technician … hear me ROAR!”

“My superpower is being a badass CVT!”

“Vet Techs are sick of hearing we are ‘just techs.' Treat your techs like the superhero/rock stars they are!”



“Doctors, trust your techs. Let them be a part of [the] pet-owner bond. Plus they are better at labs than you!”

“I'm afraid my LVTs are smarter than my doctor.”


Give yourself a break

“Being an RVT has been my life. But don't forget that self [care] and time for yourself is important. Explore everything you love: RVT, backpacker, peakbagger, canyoneer. The wilderness brings me back to me.”

You had me till the end … 

“#VetTechLife … I sometimes secretly make out with one of the veterinarians at work over lunch. We were married for 10 years before he became a vet. XOXO”