Collaborative partnership improves veterinary shortage


Evette and Shepherd Veterinary Software work together with relief vet solutions

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Evette is a company that specializes in providing veterinary staffing solutions for clinics and hospitals and Shepherd Veterinary Software is a growing practice information management system (PIMS) in the United States. The 2 companies have announced a new partnership that is aimed at improving one the most prevalent challenges in the veterinary profession: staffing shortages. With this collaboration, Shepherd clinics nationwide can access Evette’s relief staffing request form, linked from their own software interface. This new accessibility will hopefully streamline operations and ensure seamless continuity of care with more staffing opportunities.1

“At Shepherd, we prioritize the well-being of veterinarians, striving to deliver top-tier software solutions and unwavering customer support. Our latest initiative with Evette exemplifies this mission,” said Lauren Jones, VMD, director of veterinary medicine at Shepherd, in a news release.1 “We’re so excited to collaborate with a company that shares our vision to create streamlined processes, combat industry turnover, alleviate burnout and provide a more efficient future for veterinary professionals.”

This partnership can impact more than 600 clinics across the US by providing easier access to relief services for both practitioners and clinics alike. According to the news release, 50% of the demand for relief vets comes from vacation time and staff turnover.1 Overworked staff and feelings of burnout can potentially cost the animal healthcare industry between $1-2 billion annually with the loss of business.1

A study conducted by Instinct Science found that an overwhelming majority of emergency and specialty hospitals are facing staffing shortages (86%), employee mental health challenges (83%), and increased patient volumes (54%).2

Evette’s staffing services matches relief veterinarians and veterinary technicians with positions and clinics that align with their skills and passion. They offer a 24/7 a personal booking agent to fulfill any requirements with matches a relief vet with a clinic.

“Our goal has always been a steadfast commitment to personalized and continuous support for our partners and clinics,” said Elise Burns, founder and CEO of Evette. “This collaboration with Shepherd marks a significant step forward in our mission to further revolutionize the industry and we’re excited to introduce this first-ever solution to address the pressing issues plaguing the vet industry.”1


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