Clinic storage DIY: Park your red rubber catheters on the wall

September 30, 2019
Jenny Szymkowiak, RVT

If you dont like fishing catheters out of drawers (what size? whats this?), try my solution for your veterinary hospital.

A better way to find the right-sized catheter faster? Vet-wrapped pill bottles on the bottom, cardboard on top and sticky-tape strips to hold them to the wall. (Photo courtesy of Jenny Szymkowiak, RVT))

In an attempt to solve the never-ending issue of battling with red rubber catheters, I made a storage spot in our surgery suite. I built it from 60 dram pill bottles, cardboard, Command strips and plenty of vet wrap. This helps us avoid shoving them in a drawer and hoping for the best.

Jenny Szymkowiak is a registered veterinary technician at Paw Prints Animal Hospital in West Lafayette, Indiana.