Client videos: Defusing the tummy-twisting worry of GDV


Save a life! Share these videos with your clients with dogs at-risk for GDV.

Have veterinary clients whose stomachs are in knots over their concern for gastric dilatation-volvulus (GDV) in their at-risk dogs? They want to do their utmost to ensure their dogs aren't affected by this life-threatening turn of events, so we worked with Jennifer Wardlaw, DVM, DACVS, to develop videos you can share directly with your clients once you raise the issue of GDV with them. 

The first video discusses what signs they should be on the lookout for in their dogs that mean an emergency visit to the veterinarian is called for, now!

The second video discusses what steps they can be taking to make sure this never ever happens to their precious pups in the first place. A prophylactic gastropexy is always an option, but there are some steps your clients can be taking themselves to prevent GDV.

Follow these instructions to embed a YouTube video onto your veterinary practice's website:

Press play on the video player, above. Then click the YouTube icon to view the video on 

Beneath the bottom right corner of the video player, click the Share button, and share via social media. To share on your practice website, select Embed. Customization options will appear below.

Click a standard video-player size or type in custom dimensions to fit your Web page.

Click inside the embed code box to select the text. Next, copy the text.

Open your Web page file, identify where you want the video to appear, and paste the embed text in your HTML code.

Save and upload your revised page to your website.

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