Client handout: Your pet suffered a cruciate ligament injury. Now what?

June 15, 2018
William Snell, DVM, DACVS (small animal)

Dr. William Snell is a board certified small animal surgeon and is currently the Medical Director at Blue Pearl Veterinary Partners in Boston, Massachusetts.

Use this printable handout to help veterinary clients understand what's happening with their pet's joint, and how it can be repaired.

Learning that their pet has suffered a cranial cruciate ligament injury is stressful for veterinary clients. Add in repair options that are mainly acronyms and sound similar to one another, and you've got a recipe for confusion. Clients want to do what's best for their pet, but need your help coming to the right solution for their pet's individual needs.

Use this printable handout, with information provided by Dr. William Snell, DVM, DACVS (small animal), to give clients a high-level overview of what happens next for their pet.

Click on the image above, or click here, to download the handout.