Client handout: Pet scares in summer time


Sweltering heat, booming thunder, and fireworks that sound like gunshots?! Summer can be scary and uncomfortable for pets. Here's how to help them deal.

An unexpected thunderstorm or an intense round of fireworks is enough to startle anyone—so we can imagine how summer can be scary and uncomfortable for pets. But when that fear and discomfort go unchecked, it can turn into trauma like storm phobia. This helpful handout lists out the signs of storm phobia and gives expert tips you can pass on to pet owners who are dealing with scared pets this summer.

Pass on this pro tip to clients: Pet owners often want to soothe a dog who's scared of thunder or fireworks. But soothing is an action that rewards fearful behavior—and perpetuates it. What to do instead? Distract the dog with games, toy or treats to take his mind off the fear. 


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