Client handout: Grab those kitten vaccines!


Kittens need shots. Full stop. Start early with veterinary client education about their importance with this printable PDF.

Vaccines got a bad rap in human medicine with the kids' autism scare, so maybe some of that found its way into your exam room with worried pet owners who demanded to know whether all those vaccines are really necessary. (We covered some possible conversations here.)

"You just trying to up-sell us?" says a skeptical cat owner.

"Aren't too many vaccines a bad thing?" says the owner of a new kitten.

You titer?

This won't work for new kittens who need their first battery of shots, but have you ever considered trying a titer for a concerned cat owner to check for immunity from the last vaccine? Read how Dr. Jeff Werber does it.

But cats are a different story, because feline vaccine-associated sarcomas (now more precisely renamed feline injection-site sarcomas) were a real thing. Experts always agreed, however, that the danger of feline diseases outweighed the risk of sarcomas.

Now here's a free printable client handout to start the conversation about kitten and cat vaccines. Click here or on the image below to get a copy for your practice.

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