How to make a veterinary app work for you


The dvm360 iPad app's latest version update contains tools you can use to educate clients right in the exam room. The two initial client education modules include Dentistry 101 and Canine Behavior 101. And inside Issue 15: Learn to perform a myringotomy; check out a veterinary practice snapshot; stay afloat in social media; plus videos, photos, quizzes and more. Download the app-for free-today!

Put the dvm360 iPad app to work for you! Use the content available on the Client Education tab to help you and your team walk through important preventive care topics with your clients, right there in the exam room.

So on top of monthly app issues, the dvm360 toolkits, the monthly print publications from your favorite magazines-dvm360, Veterinary Economics, Veterinary Medicine and Firstline (check them out under the Publications tab)-you now have your very own communication tool in your dvm360 app library. Some of the topics include:

Bite prevention 101, a little bit of education can go a long way when preventing dog bites. Help pet owners learn to recognize the signs their dogs are uncomfortable, things to keep in mind when pets and children interact, how to greet a puppy and more.

Flea frustration, with tips on managing a flea infestation, information on the flea life cycle, and a video about flea allergy dermatitis.

Otitis 101, which includes a step-by-step guide to cleaning a dog's ears, what pet owners can do for their dogs' itchy, sore ears, and three burning questions about ear and skin disorders.

Dental care for cats and dental care for dogs, which includes tips for pet owners on how to brush teeth, different types of dental disease, and why it's important to remove plaque.

Puppy and kitten care, with tips on puppy play, signs a pet needs to see a veterinarian, spaying and neutering, housetraining, acclimating kittens and more.

Heartworm in dogs and cats, which includes common myths, heartworm facts and figures, and the life cycle of heartworms.

Toxicology 101, which includes information on how to protect pets with tips on how to poison-proof the home, lists of the top 10 poisonous human medications and the top toxins for dogs and cats, plus, what to do if a pet is poisoned.

Pain prevention, with tips what clients should know about pet pain, animal pain truths and misconceptions, and how to identify pain in a cat.

You can walk your clients through these tools one-on-one, or you can leave your iPad in the exam room with them while they wait on blood work or a procedure.

Download the app on your iPad now (or search for "dvm360" in the App Store)!

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