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Chou2 Pharma launches clinical trials with Penn Vet’s Veterinary Clinical Investigations Center


Study will focus on effects of CBD and CBG for canine elbow osteoarthritis

Chou2 Pharma and the Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine’s (Penn Vet) Veterinary Clinical Investigations Center (VCIC) have begun a clinical study on the effects of cannabidiol (CBD) and cannabigerol (CBG) for osteoarthritic (OA) pain in canines’ elbows.

According to a company release,1 this initiative jumpstarts Chou2 Pharma's Investigative New Animal Drug (INAD) process with the FDA’s Center for Veterinary Medicine, and plan to offer a natural, pharmaceutical-grade treatment method to tens of millions of dogs suffering from OA.

This signifies the first of many need-states and species Chou2 Pharma plans to address through clinical trials and FDA application. Chou2 Pharma and Penn Vet's VCIC have aligned missions with a priority on the future of veterinary medicine innovations. Cannabinoids have excellent possibility to be a viable, low-risk treatment method for dogs.

The study is spearheaded by Eleanor Green, DVM, Chou2 Pharma’s principal investigator and chief medical officer, and leader in innovative veterinary medicine, in addition to the team at Penn Vet's VCIC. The study will enroll patients in August 2022 and will last 1 year with significant milestones including safety, efficacy, pharmacokinetics, and pharmacodynamics.

“Penn Vet's clinicians and researchers have long been recognized for the quality, integrity, and innovation of their scholarly works. Their VCIC is renowned for its clinical trials, making them an ideal collaborator for Chou2 Pharma, a company committed to a science-based approach to demonstrating the benefits of cannabinoids," expressed Green, in the release.

"Veterinarians and their patients and clients deserve reliable medications that have proven to be effective, contain what the label indicates, are free from contaminants, and exert minimal to no adverse side effects. This clinical trial of CBD and CBG for OA in dogs is an important step to unleashing the potential of cannabinoids in veterinary healthcare.”1

Chou2 Pharma's executive chairman John Payne emphasized quality care, and stated, "These clinical efforts ensure a methodical approach to advancing patient drug safety standards, which are a necessity to achieve better patient outcomes."

“We are excited to put pharmaceutical standards behind cannabinoid-based products. Our work with exclusively isolated, 99.9% pure cannabinoids allows us to understand the safety and efficacy of each individual molecule on the various need-states of dogs,” said Alexandra Wakim, CEO of Chou2 Pharma, in the release. “Our approach enables us to be incredibly specific and give veterinarians and pet parent’s the accurate dosage and related data they need to feel comfortable with this treatment.”1


Chou2 Pharma announces clinical trials with the University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine’s Veterinary Clinical Investigations Center. News release. Chou2 Pharma. August 8, 2022. Accessed August 9, 2022.

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