Chemo or steroids: Give clients time to be sure

December 11, 2016
Mindy Valcarcel, Editor, Medicine Channel Director
Mindy Valcarcel, Editor, Medicine Channel Director

Mindy Valcarcel is the Medicine Channel Director for, Vetted and dvm360 magazine.

There's always a chance an owner of a pet with lymphoma might change their mind about trying chemotherapy, so don't start at a disadvantage.

In her presentation on canine lymphoma at CVC San Diego, Dr. Sue Ettinger offered a potentially life-prolonging tip. Don't start prednisone if there is any chance the client might opt for chemotherapy. Give them a little space to think it over. Hear the details from dvm360 medicine channel director Mindy Valcarcel.

A client take-home message: Dr. Ettinger said you can remind owners about those cases in which owners who opted for prednisone and then see their pets perk up at home from the therapy decide, "Yeah, let's go for chemotherapy after all."