The checklist manifesto: Sample veterinary checklist


An example of how checklists can transform a luke-warm veterinary client experience into a great one.

Name: Janet Harris

Pets: Henry, 10-year-old black Lab

Scully, 7-year-old yellow Lab

Alice, 12-year-old Collie

√ Client likes morning appointments between 10 and 11 a.m.

√ Unless it's an emergency, she sees Dr. Katherine.

√ Client needs assistance getting from parking lot to waiting room.

√ Client drives black Lexus SUV.

√ She brings a leash.

√ Client prefers Ted as a technician. If Ted is unavailable, she prefers Mary Beth. Have one of them waiting outside for her.

√ Client prefers to wait in the exam room. If one is not available, set aside a corner of the waiting room for her.

√ Have Ted or Mary Beth stay with the client until the doctor is ready.

√ Ask about her other two pets.

√ Ask her if the dog is staying for the day or overnight.

√ If the dog is staying, give it a complimentary bath.

√ Have Ted or Mary Beth discuss invoice discount with Dr. Katherine.

√ Client's credit card is on file. Do not ask for one.

√ Have the bill ready when Mrs. Harris leaves.

√ Per client, verbal authorization is sufficient. No signature is necessary.

√ Confirm the client's next appointment.

√ Have Ted or Mary Beth escort client and pet to car.

√ Dr. Katherine calls the following morning to check in.

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