Checklist for buying a practice


Don't buyor buy intoa veterinary hospital before you work through this checklist.

Click above for this free checklist on things to think about before buying a veterinary practice.You know what they say, every dream to buy the veterinary practice of your dreams starts with a checklist. Well, maybe they don't say that. But they should.

Here, for your free use, is a great checklist we've whisked out of its home among lots more fantastic information about preparing to own a practice in Benchmarks 2015: A Study of Well-Managed Practices, by Veterinary Economics and Wutchiett Tumblin and Associates.

Use it in good health, associates! Download the PDF here.

(And if you come up with any great questions for us about practice ownership, buy yourself a copy of Benchmarks 2015 and/or send us an email at

If you want to be one of the best, there's no need to dream it up yourself.

You spend all kinds of time and energy healing animals and keeping clients happy. But you know you need to focus on those other feel-good things ... like increased revenue, better leadership and a practice that runs smoothly.

And you think you have to figure that out all by yourself.

Guess what, dear reader? You don't. You get your hands on Benchmarks 2016: A Study of Well-Managed Practices. And you let those all-star practices-the ones that provide top-notch animal care while making serious bank-show you the way.

Benchmarks 2016 has action steps to ...

> increase profits (and client and patient benefits through communication)

> fuse leadership and management (for a team-based culture with empowered employees)

> take advantage of technology (developing your goals and mapping out a strategy)

> get ready for transition (by prepping yourself, your practice and your buyer to ensure your practice's legacy)

Here's where to get it.

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