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Through Medical World News®, dvm360® takes viewers on journeys inside the personal and professional lives of veterinary professionals. Whether highlighting a hobby outside of work or getting more in-depth information on clinical topics, dvm360® and Medical World News® work together to provide listeners intriguing segments that are sure to grab the attention of any medical professional.

Deep Dive: Medical Mushrooms in veterinary medicine

Robert Silver, DVM, MS, explores the history of mushrooms and discusses how research must be done to see the potential they have in treating patients with cancer, chronic pain, and more. Watch the full video here.

After Hours: Rock & Roll Vet Tech

Longtime Fetch faculty member Alyssa Mages, BS, CVT, cofounder of Empowering Veterinary Teams, shared with Medical World News® her experience as a vocalist in Hypnotic Eye Band, The Tom Petty Experience, a tribute group. When Mages was around age 8 years old, she discovered a love of music through singing and performing musical instruments such as the piano and flute. Now she and the band travel around southeast Pennsylvania, near Philadelphia, performing music from the late Tom Petty as well as Stevie Nicks. To Mages, being a performer connects her to strangers in a unique, special way. Watch the full video here.

Deep dive: Veterinary CBD research

Stephen Cital, RVT, RLAT, SRA, VCCS, VTS-LAM, gives a closer look at the use of CBD products in veterinary medicine. He also discusses what began his passion for CBD use and research and how veterinary professionals can talk to clients who are interested in using CBD to treat their pet. Watch the full video here.

After Hours: Vet Tech by day, comedian by night

Veterinary medicine is a passion for Walter Brown, RVTg, VTS (ECC). However, along with his career as a veterinary technician, Brown is a comedian. Through his comedy career, Brown hopes to shed different perspectives on clinics by creating a sense of humor around things that might appear frustrating but, through laughter, can be seen through a new lens. By pulling from everyday events in his life in and out of the clinic, he hopes to make individuals laugh at the relatable content they all experience daily. He believes that through laughter and appropriate humor, he can put clients at ease about their pets’ treatments or diagnoses. Watch the full video here.

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