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Charity is launched to help increase access to veterinary care

Press Release

BluePearl also released a series of Valentine’s Day e-cards for pets as part of the new nonprofit arm's ‘Share the Care’ campaign.

BluePearl Pet Hospital has announced the launch of its public charity, BluePearl Cares, a nonprofit organization created to make emergency and specialty veterinary care accessible for all. A practice network with more than 110 hospitals in 30 states, BluePearl is part of the Mars Veterinary Health family of businesses, and a provider of specialty and emergency veterinary care, according to a news release.

Arabella Smith, president and chair of the BluePearl Cares board of directors and vice president of corporate affairs for BluePearl, noted that BluePearl has a history of serving vulnerable pets and enabling access to critical veterinary care both in and out of the company’s hospitals. “Bringing to life a charity designed to support families and pets in crisis— providing access to life-saving care for those that need it—is a legacy we can all be proud of,” she said, in the release.

Pet Valentine's Day card

Image courtesy of BluePearl Cares

BluePearl Cares aims to increase access to care in communities, hospitals and shelters through a combination of grant programs and direct delivery of veterinary services and support. Charity initiatives include the following:

  • Care in communities: Engaging BluePearl Associates in volunteer opportunities through BluePearl Cares Care Corps, a travel support program deploying emergency and specialty veterinarians and technicians to provide critical care in under-resourced communities and crisis situations.
  • Care in hospitals: Supporting pets in need belonging to financially qualifying families with the cost of emergency or specialty care funded through the BluePearl Cares HOPE Funds grant program.
  • Care in Shelters: Expanding care for owned and shelter pets across animal welfare organizations and nonprofit partners through medical equipment grants.

“The gap in access to emergency and specialty veterinary care is real and it’s continually growing—knowing we have an opportunity to help bridge that gap for the most vulnerable pets is why we exist,” said Kim Van Syoc, executive director of BluePearl Cares, in the release. “In just a few short weeks, we’ve already received an incredible response from BluePearl Associates, clients and local communities wanting to be involved in increasing access to lifesaving care through donations of time and money—a true movement of sharing the care!”

To celebrate the charity’s launch, BluePearl Cares released a series of Valentine’s Day e-cards for pets as part of a ‘Share the Care’ campaign. These e-cards are available on BluePearl Cares’ Instagram page. BluePearl will donate $14 to BluePearl Cares throughout February of this year for each card that is shared with #BluePearlCares. The donated funds will support BluePearl Cares grant programs, supporting access to emergency and critical care for pets.


BluePearl launches charitable arm, expanding access to emergency and specialty veterinary care. News release. February 7, 2024. Accessed February 7, 2024. https://bluepearlvet.com/press-releases-announcements/bluepearl-launches-charitable-arm/

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