Celebrating our Veterinary Heroes: Tommy W. Maupin

dvm360dvm360 July 2023
Volume 54
Issue 7
Pages: 40
Kansas City

For the third year, dvm360 is recognizing industry professionals who are advancing the field and improving the lives of patients, clients, and staff with our Veterinary Paraprofessional winner, Tommy W. Maupin

dvm360 is pleased to present the 2023 class of Veterinary Heroes. Nominated by their peers and selected for the recognition by a committee of esteemed veterinary professionals, 15 award recipients were chosen in various veterinary industry roles and specialties in this third annual program.

The Veterinary Heroes recognition program, which is supported by Veterinary Paraprofessional category sponsor MedVet, celebrates the achievements of outstanding veterinary professionals who are advancing the field and making a difference in animal care. These winners will be honored on Thursday, August 24, 2023, in conjunction with a Fetch dvm360 conference in Kansas City, Missouri.

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Veterinary Paraprofessional winner: Tommy W. Maupin

This category is sponsored by MedVet.

Tommy W. Maupin

Tommy W. Maupin

During his 22 years as a veterinary assistant, Thomas “Tommy” Maupin has worked in several areas of veterinary medicine, including general practice, emergency and critical care, internal medicine, and cardiology. But Maupin really found his passion in internal medicine, where he has specialized for the past 12 years and is currently at MedVet Dallas in Texas.

“From the very beginning, there has always been an assistant or a front desk staff or some type of support staff that I feel is essential for every hospital to run efficiently,” Maupin told dvm360 in an interview. Maupin himself is a befitting example of the incredible support provided by paraprofessionals.

Regarding his work, Maupin said he loves patient care and making sure each patient he works with is comfortable. He also enjoys working with clients who are unsure of how to best take care of their pet as well as educating clients on aftercare. “But aside from the patient care and the client education, I think [I enjoy] just the ability to have such a strong team and see individuals shine for some of their talents, really work together to utilize each person’s talent, and…try to complete difficult tasks and [find] solutions collectively as a group,” he said.

Maupin said he finds constant inspiration from the people he has worked with over the years and loves the exchange of knowledge among colleagues. “As I work in the field, I meet new people all the time [who] continue to keep sparking that same compassion,” he said. “And I just can’t see myself doing anything else.” Maupin credited the owner of a reptile shop he worked at as a teenager with being one of his role models. The owner taught Maupin at a young age the importance of knowing and understanding the animals that you work with to provide the best level of care.

Nominated for Veterinary Heroes by 6 individuals, Maupin has been described as a strong mentor who enjoys helping others while exhibiting kindness and remaining calm. “Tommy works with purpose every minute he is in the hospital to care for our patients, support our doctors, and contribute to the duties and goals of our team,” wrote one of his nominators. “He is a constant source of knowledge and positivity. He spends valuable time talking to clients to inform them and ease their concerns. He puts his patients and team first.”

When he isn’t working, Maupin enjoys hiking and fishing—even ice fishing. But when outdoor activities aren’t an option, he enjoys cooking and baking. “My favorite bake is going to be [one of the] various fruit breads that I make, so like banana bread, strawberry bread, pumpkin bread, and blueberry bread,” he said. When it comes to cooking, Maupin said that he really enjoys “just good old soul food” and that “nothing beats hot mashed potatoes, gravy, green beans, and chicken fried steak.”

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