Celebrating National Cat Day by getting more cats to the vet

October 29, 2020
dvm360 Staff

By educating cat owners about its 24-hour teletriage platform, Airvet hopes to help remove all barriers to care for cats.

Bringing cats to the veterinarian can be a daunting task for many pet parents—a struggle founder and CEO of Airvet Brandon Werber knows all too well.

“As a [pet] parent to 5 cats, I know how stressful it can be to get a cat to the vet…Many cat parents save vet visits just for the ‘big’ things, resulting in a lack of regular and routine visits to the vet for important things like wellness, preventive care, and routine exams,” he says in a company release​.

That’s why Airvet is celebrating National Cat Day (today) by encouraging owners to take advantage of their telehealth app. It’s 24-hour teletriage platform, founded in 2018, quickly, conveniently, and easily connects cat parents and veterinarians—avoiding the chase, scratches, and overall stress often experienced when going to the clinic.

“The hope is that by removing all the most common barriers, pet parents will touch base with their veterinarians much more regularly, and we all end up with exactly what we want— happier, healthier cats,” says Werber.

With Halloween around the corner— a big day for pet emergencies—Werber says he expects to see an uptick in Airvet telehealth app use.

“If your pet isn’t feeling well, rather than rushing him or her to an ER, Airvet can link you with a live veterinarian who can help you understand if the issue is truly an emergency.”

To learn more about Airvet’s telehealth app, go here.