Celebrate Pet Appreciation Week with these 5 fun facts about the benefits of pets


Your clients know their pets are lovable, special and just plain amazing. But they may not know these five fun facts about the benefits of owning a pet.

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Share these great benefits with pet owners to reinforce the special bond they share with their furry, finned or scaly family members:

1. Pets have positive effects on our physical health.

Studies from Henry Ford Health System in Detroit and the Medical College of Georgia in Augusta show children who grow up with pets from their first year of life are less likely to suffer from allergies, while another study from the Journal of Pediatrics in 2011 shows kids living with dogs had a lower rate of eczema.

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2. They can warn us of potential health risks before we notice symptoms.

Dogs have been trained to provide support and companionship for people during seizures, and some studies even claim dogs can predict oncoming attacks. Dogs may also be trained to detect drops in blood pressure and blood sugar or even sniff out certain types of cancer.


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3. They help us make kinetic connections.

Pets serve as our introductions to new people, whether your clients make friends through their furry family members at the dog park or as they're trucking round the block. They also keep pet owners on the go. In a 2006 study from researchers at the University of Victoria, dog owners walked about 300 minutes a week, compared to 168 minutes for non-dog owners.


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4. They reflect our personalities.

Your clients can become fast friends with other pet owners through breed appreciation groups or fan clubs. And certain breeds may even attract like personalities, according to a study from Bath Spa University in England. The study suggested toy breed owners—think Chihuahuas and Yorkies—may be smart and creative, while those who own working dogs, such as boxers ad Great Danes, are likely agreeable and intelligent.


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5. They brighten our day.

Sure, study after study shows they decrease our risk of suffering from depression, but we already knew that, right? That boisterous greeting dog owners receive when they step in the door after a long day's work or the way their kitties wind around their feet to say hello say it all. So tell your clients to take time out to enjoy their pets—they're so much more than fuzzy lap warmers and door greeters.


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