CE roundup for veterinary techs and managers

September 15, 2016

Need to rack up some continuing education credits before the end of the year? Let us lead you to whats available in online and conference courses.

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Conference courses

CVC San Diego

It's possible we're biased, but we think CVC San Diego should be your top pick for CE. (Full disclosure: CVC and dvm360.com are owned by the same parent company, United Business Media.) The conference will be held at the San Diego Convention Center December 8-11, 2016, so you can think of it as an early Christmas present. Click here for technician offerings, and peruse practice management options here.

Course examples:


>Taking care of the teeniest patients: Pediatric tips and tricks

>Bottle babies: Tips for helping foster kittens

>Splinting basics for orthopedic patients

>The bloody truths: Myths and facts of transfusion medicine

For an extra fee, technicians can also sign up for clinical technique courses, including “Regional nerve blocks,” “Insights Seminar: From fearful to Fear FreeSM: How to help your veterinary patients relax and cooperate,” and “Digital dental imaging.”


>The “LEAN” System: Be more efficient without cutting corners

>'Because I'm the boss': How to end staff vs. management drama

>Behind the camera: What video in practices has taught us and will teach you

>How to unplug: Taking a digital sabbatical


Merial Tech Champions program expands

Merial and the National Association of Veterinary Technicians in America (NAVTA) debuted new preventative health courses at the 2016 American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) convention held in San Antonio this past August, according to a press release from NAVTA's website.

Merial and NAVTA first joined forces three years ago to provide CE on heartworm disease. The Merial Tech Champions program has now expanded to include courses on intestinal parasites, dental health, and fleas and ticks.

According to the release, if you missed the 2016 AVMA convention, you'll be able to find Merial Tech Champions courses at various local tech fests.


VHMA Annual Conference

The 2016 VHMA Annual Conference is scheduled to be held October 20-22, 2016, in Vancouver, Washington, and offers 14 continuing education hours (15 for CVPMs). Click here to see the program offerings.

Course examples:

>Manager's role in veterinary ethics

>Getting cloud ready

>Developing a sales culture in a non-sales world

Online courses


VetMedTeam offers on-demand courses for both veterinary technicians and practice managers. Check out their course catalogue here, and be sure to peruse their selection of free CE options, too.

Course examples:


>Oncology: Cancer in small animals

>Nutrition: Managing disease in companion animals

>Dentistry: Getting to the root of the problem


>Your professional image

>When caring hurts: Managing compassion fatigue

>Marketing: Making an impression


Veterinary Support Personnel Network (VSPN)

Unlike VetMedTeam, VSPN's courses are not on-demand. Click here and scroll down to the open enrollment section for veterinary support staff to see available courses. Courses are organized into different categories-basic, intermediate, advanced and specialty-and can be text-only, audio-only or a mix of both.

Course examples:


>Basic medical math

>Advanced animal hospice

>Helping technicians provide physical rehabilitation for in-hospital patients


>Communication and conflict management: Communication and organizational development

>Inventory, one size does not fit all

>QuickBooks for veterinary professionals