Case 9


Charlie is a 3-year-old castrated male Bengal cat. Physical examination reveals that he, too, is febrile (103 F; 39.4 C), lethargic, and dehydrated.

On further questioning, you discover that he is a strictly indoor cat, has never been ill, and is not taking any medications. Charlie's diarrhea is very watery and dark brown, similar to Tupper's. The owners have not noticed any frank blood. The owners don't think either pet has gotten into anything problematic in the house, and there have been no environmental changes since their last visit. You also find out that Charlie has been eating a raw, chicken-based diet since the owners got him about 1 ½ years ago. They also mention that, though they try to prevent it, Tupper periodically eats the cat's food as well.


In addition to a CBC, serum chemistry profile, and fecal examination for Charlie, you should consider testing for what infectious disease given the history and clinical presentation of these two patients?

a) Toxoplasmosis

b) Leptospirosis

c) Salmonellosis

d) Histoplasmosis

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