Canine parvovirus update: Can you save patients without that expensive hospital stay?


Veterinary criticalist and toxicologist Justine Lee discusses a new out-patient protocol for parvo puppies.

How often do you encounter veterinary clients who can't afford the several days of hospitalization needed to deliver life-saving measures to that sweet little puppy they just adopted, now found to have parvovirus? Since those first few days of intensive care are so vital to survival, it can put these clients in a heart-rending spot. Justine Lee, DVM, DACVECC, DABT, says a new study shows that an out-patient treatment protocol designed by clinicians at Colorado State University, which she dubs "carvo," resulted in survival rates (80%) almost as high as hospitalized treatment (90%).

Click here for a link to Colorado State's proposed out-patient parvovirus treatment protocol.

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