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Canada-based veterinary nonprofit announces rebranding


Veterinarians without Borders will continue its international work under the new name Veterinarians without Borders North America

New Africa/stock.adobe.com

New Africa/stock.adobe.com

Veterinarians Without Borders, a Canadian non-profit organization that improves the health of animals to help improve the health of the community, disclosed that it will expand into the United States through the creation of the registered US charity Veterinarians Without Borders USA. The 2 charities will now rebrand as Veterinarians Without Borders North American (VWB North America) to serve over a dozen countries and over 1.5 million people and animals through programs such as emergency response efforts, uplifting marginalized populations, and establishing animal health systems.

The organization’s work in emergency response has helped provide immediate on-the-ground support to ensure injured animals in Ukraine, Northern Canada during the wildfires, Pakistan floods, and other places across the globe. According to the release,1 while helping pets in Ukraine, VWM North American supported over 255,000 animals, performed over 11,000 spays and neuters, provided over 1,286 tons of food, and held over 3,000 virtual consultations.

"From providing emergency response support after the Maui fires to recently offering training services to animal welfare organizations in Vermont and Pennsylvania, we have a strong presence in the United States and look forward to officially capturing this inspiring work under VWB North America," expressed Charmaine Brett, executive director, VWB/VSF, in the organizational release.1

Besides their contributions internationally, VWB North America has supported remote communities in Northern Canada through spay and neuter clinics, reducing the spread of rabies, and community-led sustainable animal health services. VWB reports on average to vaccinate over 700 animals in Nunavut and the Northwest Territories.

The expansion into the United States means that the WWB North American will have an expanded list of volunteer opportunities for veterinarians and technicians to provide aid wherever in the world it is needed. The opportunities include providing medical care, support to farmers in developing countries, response to disasters, and pet owner education. Each placement can last from 3 weeks to 2 years depending on what position is needed to be filled.

"Our work is truly driven by the support of our team members, volunteers, and donors, and we hope this expansion will lay the foundation for growth in our programming, leaving a lasting impact on more animals, people, and communities," concluded Brett.1


Veterinarians Without Borders Canada expands efforts in the US, rebrands as Veterinarians Without Borders North America. News release. Veterinarians Without Borders. November 29, 2023. Accessed November 29, 2023. https://prnmedia.prnewswire.com/news-releases/veterinarians-without-borders-canada-expands-efforts-in-the-u-s-rebrands-as-veterinarians-without-borders-north-america-873643469.html

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