Can offering a subscription model for preventive care lower the barrier for entry for clients?


In an interview with dvm360®, a technology and solutions strategist shares why a subscription model can lead to more clients agreeing to preventive care recommendations.

During an interview with dvm360®, Zachary Melton, technology and solutions strategist at MWI Animal Health, shares why offering your clients a subscription model for preventive care can translate to better revenue and fewer headaches from negotiating with hesitant clients.

View the video below for the entire discussion. The following is a partial transcript.

Zachary Melton: We looked at some data, and we looked at the median average income across the United States, and it was roughly $948...The cost of an average wellness visit across the United States is like $415. So when you put those 2 numbers side by side, you're asking someone for half, if not over half, of their weekly take-home pay.

It becomes a really hard thing for that pet owner to say 'yes' to all that because that might mean they are saying 'no' to childcare needs, groceries, [or] a bill. There are a number of hard decisions that are [taking place] in the exam room while they're trying to figure out 'Can I afford all this?'

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