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Jentic International introduces CD ROM-based business cards for veterinarians.

Jentic International introduces CD ROM-based business cards for veterinarians.At first glance, the computer disk cards look similar to traditional paperversions. They're sized the same, feature the owner's clinic name, locationand contact information along with an optional photo of the person, thecompany says. But a closer look reveals the card is really a small, oblongdisk encased in plastic. Slipped into a computer, it functions as a Website, offering virtual tours of the veterinary hospital, Web site links,articles, even games. "The possibilities are endless," says Dr.Mike Iodence, a Jentec investor and the first veterinarian with the cards."This is going to change the way we do business. It sells itself soyou can't lose." Jentec Chief Executive Officer Gary Jenkins says thechoices are boundless for veterinarians purchasing this interactive marketingtool. Jentec clients can choose from a variety of features, colors, programsand layouts. Basic packages include the CD-ROM's development and 1,000 silkscreendisks.

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