Building a virtual integrative medicine consultation platform


Christopher Shapley, DVM, CVA, is building a platform that will eventually allow clinicians nationwide to quickly get guidance on implementing integrative medicine options in treatment

In an interview with dvm360®, Christopher Shapley, DVM, CVA, discussed his vision for a virtual integrative medicine consultation platform. He talked about combining eastern and western medicine, as well as helping clinicians save time and collaborate as a team on treatment.

A partial transcript of the interview is below. View the video for more of the discussion.

Christopher Shapley, DVM, CVA: It's going to be basically the ability for [clinicians] to consult with me on integrative or alternative medicine...Let's say, somebody who's a GP that is kind of dipping their toes into the water of alternative medicine, especially herbs, or just even questions about like, acupuncture points, like, "Which ones would you use in this case?" They can reach out to me. It's also open to like seasoned veterinarians who do alternative medicine that are like, "Hey, Chris, what's your opinion on using this herbal formulation in combination with that herbal formulation for this disease process?"

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