British pet owners skip vacations for their pets


Guilt and routines take over as many opt to stay home with their pets.

Nearly half a million British cat or dog owners refuse to take vacations for fear of upsetting their pets’ routine, according to a new study. And of those who do leave town, 63 percent claim they have noticed a change in their pets when they returned, with the animals showing signs of confusion or nervousness.

The survey, carried out by Opinion Matters on behalf of Ceva Animal Health, found that 29 percent of cat and dog owners use boarding facilities when they leave for vacation, 28 percent leave their pet with a friend, and 28 percent leave the pet at home with a pet sitter.

Of those who use boarding facilities, half experience guilt as a result of leaving their pets, and 62 percent say the experience is just as stressful or even more stressful for them than for their pet.

Click here for tips you can offer to clients who decide to bring their pets along for the ride.

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