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Pharmacia Animal Health introduces Eazi-Breed' CIDR® Cattle Insert.

Pharmacia Animal Health introduces Eazi-Breed' CIDR® Cattle Insert.Beef and dairy producers can breed more cattle in less time with programsthat combine Eazi-Breed CIDR Inserts and Lutalyse® Sterile Solution(dinoprost tromethamine), the company says. By using these reproductivetools, most animals in a breeding group will come into heat in a tightlysynchronized timeframe, improving pregnancy rates and profitability, thecompany says. The Food and Drug Administration recently approved Eazi-BreedCIDR Inserts for use in beef cows, beef heifers and dairy heifers. The insertsare not approved for use in lactating dairy cattle. The Eazi-Breed CIDRInsert is a T-shaped device that is impregnated with progesterone. Placedin the vagina of the animal, the Eazi-Breed CIDR Insert releases progesteroneuntil it is removed seven days later. Removing the Eazi-Breed CIDR Insert,following a 5-ml injection of Lutalyse on the sixth day, causes a drop inprogesterone, which triggers estrus and ovulation ­ even in animalsthat were not previously cycling.

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