BizQuiz: Is your life balance out of whack? (Answer key)


Is your life balance out of whack? Use this quiz to find out.

Answer key

5+ False: It’s time to reclaim yourself in the typhoon of work chaos. It’s never too late to reestablish a balance; start to prioritize tasks and slowly cut out some of the unnecessary ones. Find some activities you enjoy and make time for them, and get together with friends and family who you may not have seen in awhile.

3 to 5 False: Your work-life balance could use some improvement. You’re taking time for yourself and outside activities, but not quite enough. Try to eliminate some of your extra work responsibilities/stress and add more time for yourself.

0 to 2 False: You’re doing a great job achieving a good balance of work and life. You take pride in your work, but it doesn’t consume you. Make sure to keep up the good job and always reassess your balance now and then.

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