BizQuiz: Working with overeager horse owners (Answer 2C)


This is answer 2C in "BizQuiz: Working with overeager horse owners."

2C. Really wrong. It could be that all your clients have attention deficit disorder, but it's more likely that they don't understand what you're saying or that they don't agree with you.

Clients who don't share what they've found are worrisome. The problem: If you tell them something different from what they've read or heard, they may shut down and stop listening. Because you don't know what they know, you'll need to monitor the conversation closely and dig deeper if you think you see resistance.

Look for nonverbal signs that show clients don't agree with you. They may frown, for example, or look the other direction when you make a recommendation. When you see such a signal ask, "Is there something wrong? Is there something that you disagree with?"

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