BizQuiz: Marking cats vs. eliminating cats


Use this quiz to help determine whether a cat is marking or eliminating.

Rate yourself with this quiz, and keep track of your answers.

When cats soil the house, they’re usually performing one of two different behaviors—they’re either marking or eliminating, says Dr. Valerie V. Tynes, DACVB, owner of Premier Veterinary Behavior Consulting in Sweetwater, Texas. Consider this quick quiz to help identify whether a cat is marking or eliminating. And remember, cats don’t always follow the rules. A thorough examination by a veterinarian will uncover any underlying medical issues, and a veterinary behaviorist can help pet owners identify the reason behind their kitty’s tinkles and sprinkles and plan an approach to address the problem.

For each of the following questions, identify whether it’s a behavior more often seen in urine marking cats or eliminating cats.

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