BizQuiz: Can you temper team conflict? (Answer 4c)


Taking the BizQuiz? This is the answer to question 4 of "Can you temper team conflict?"

4) C-Wrong.

Excuses are sometimes acceptable, but they're never optimal and shouldn't be regular. It's professional courtesy for team members to call in to let co-workers or managers know they'll be late-but it shouldn't be a frequent occurrence. What's more, if a practice team is regularly too busy to finish work in a timely fashion, there's a problem.

To get team members on track, it might be time to have everyone to sign a "commitment to punctuality" and make sure policies of timeliness are spelled out in the employee manual. This way, every team member knows the rules about shifts and shift work and the repercussions for failing to follow them. To fix scheduling problems, consider various staffing options, such as asking a front desk team member to work a split shift so she's there to cover the busiest times in the morning and evening. Doing nothing to fix this issue will end up causing more and more conflict among team members.

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