Big changes coming to your veterinary practice? Engage the team first


Collaboration will ensure smooth implementationand you'll pick up important information.

Changes in the workplace can be frustrating, confusing and possibly scary to veterinary staff members, even though the changes are in the spirit of clinic improvement. This is why Fetch dvm360 conference speaker Danielle Russ, BS, BA, AS, LVT, recommends soliciting team members' input as soon as you announce the change.

"That immediately gets them on board with what's going on," she says. "When they're engaged in that manner, typically the implementation and the success of the change goes much more smoothly."

How are your colleagues handling change?

Dr. Andy Roark and Meg Pierson say you must face the changes.

Brian Conrad says you mustkeep changing, even though it sucks.

Read how to bark back at big life changes.

In this video she shares an example from her own practice, where employees balked at a change to the dispensation of controlled drugs. The reason? Because of the way it might affect patient care.

Watch the video to find out how she helped her clinic move easily into a new system.

You. Can. Do. This!

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