Bayer Launches New Canine Heartworm Preventive


Coraxis is a topical solution that offers dogs 30 days of protection against heartworm and 3 of the 4 intestinal worms.

Bayer Animal Health has announced the launch of Coraxis (moxidectin) Topical Solution for Dogs, a prescription-only, monthly transdermal product that prevents heartworm disease and treats and controls hookworms, roundworms, and whipworms in dogs.

The new product, which is expected to be available for sale in early February, is available in 5 sizes and is intended for use in dogs and puppies age 7 weeks and older and weighing between 3 to 110 pounds.

Coraxis adds another tool to the veterinarian's antiparasite arsenal, according to Robert Zolynas, DVM, MBA, head of research and development North America for Bayer Animal Health. "Its transdermal formulation is rapidly absorbed, achieving and sustaining high plasma levels of moxidectin to continuously kill incoming heartworm larvae for thirty days,” he said. “This important feature along with its broad-spectrum intestinal worm protection, make it a versatile and useful product."

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