Banfield pet food drive aims to reach the pets of seniors


Those who receive assistance through veterinary trust may not have enough to feed animal companions.

The seventh annual Banfield Charitable Trust Pet Food Drive is underway through Dec. 31 to collect pet food and raise funds for struggling pet owners and their pets. According to a release by the Banfield Charitable Trust, the effort will primarily benefit Meals on Wheels pet food distribution programs.

“(The) American Association of Retired Persons reports that nearly 9 million older Americans are forced to skip meals or buy poor quality food in order to stretch their food supply and budgets,” Banfield states. “Meals on Wheels members across the country routinely report that their clients share their meals with their pets--a fact that has compelled many Meals on Wheels members to launch pet food distribution programs.” Meals on Wheels is a senior nutrition program that provides approximately 1 million meals a day.

Royal Canin has agreed to donate up to 40,000 pounds of pet food to the cause. In addition, food donated by the general public at more than 800 Banfield Pet Hospital locations across the country will be distributed through Meals on Wheels programs. Banfield Charitable Trust says monetary donations will be used to give grants to the Meals on Wheels members to purchase pet food throughout the year.

Individuals can aid the cause by:

• Donating bags and cans of dog and cat food at Banfield hospital locations, most of which are located inside PetSmart retailers.

• Making a financial donation at

• “Liking” Royal Canin on Facebook; the company will in turn donate $1 to the pet food drive.

• “Liking” Banfield Charitable Trust on Facebook; Royal Canin will donate one pound of pet food to the cause.

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