Axel makes a strong recovery as many wait anxiously to adopt the dog


No suspect yet in search for dog's attacker.

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Pets and Vets: Pit bull survives ax attack in Florida

A Manatee County Animal Services worker walked into Beach Veterinary Clinic in Bradenton, Fla., with a severely injured pit bull the afternoon of Nov. 26.

The dog, now named Axel, seemed unfazed by the two-inch-deep open gash that had exposed his skull and damaged his sinuses--a wound that looked to be inflicted by an ax.

The following image is graphic.

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According to veterinary technician Tiffany Toth, the blunt trauma did not harm Axel's brain. Upon arrival Axel received a full examination, radiographs of his skull and surgery with Luke Berglund, DVM.

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Post-op, Axel is recovering at the clinic with antibiotics and pain medication. The sutures used to close his wound make a Frankenstein-like line up Axel's nose, past his right eye, along the top of his head and back down toward his left eye. He was also given a drain for infection.

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The clinic posts frequent updates on Axel's condition satisfying his following known as “Axel's Angels.” The group has raised money for his care and-to date-$12,000 has been raised for a reward to lead authorities to Axel's attacker.

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Axel had no identification, but shows signs of past abuse, evidenced by scars on his back, legs and feet. He is also positive for heartworms but will not start treatment until he is further into recovery.  

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The drain was pulled as Axel's healing progressed. In preparation for adoption, Axel was also neutered.

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Updates continue on Axel's condition on

the clinic's Facebook page

. Axel's Angels are now selling t-shirts to benefit the dog. Donations for Axel's medical treatment can be made at


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