ASPCA sees rise in health insurance for kittens

May 31, 2018

Cat and kitten enrollment for ASPCA pet health insurance has increased 62 percent in four years, with feline veterinary services growing as well.

Photo: Shutterstock.comKitten enrollment in ASPCA pet health insurance has increased 62 percent between 2012 and 2016, stated Crum & Forster Pet Insurance Group, providers of ASPCA Pet Health Insurance, in a recent release. Along with more enrollments, cat owners are also closing the gap on claims submissions for pets less than a year old.

“So many pet owners rely on misperceptions,” says Jane Brunt, DVM, director of the feline health awareness group CATalyst, in the release. “‘Cats are independent; cats don't need as much medical care; cats don't look sick, so they're not sick.' We must continue to educate the public about what healthcare cats need and deserve.”

Now, it seems, cats are getting more of the attention they need. “While dogs still outnumber cats in terms of overall enrollments,” says Dennis Rushovich, senior vice president of Crum & Forster, “this new analysis demonstrates the growing popularity of pet health insurance amongst feline pet parents.”

According to the release, 41 percent of kitten owners filed claims in 2016, compared with 26 percent in 2012. Non-wellness items made up the majority of kitten claims submitted, which means more medical services for veterinarians.

“This growing interest presents veterinarians with many opportunities to provide improved pet care while increasing revenue,” Rushovich says in the release. “Pet health insurance makes it easier for clients to adhere to veterinary recommendations. Practicing veterinarians should know it's never too early to start talking with cat owners about pet health insurance.”