Ask Katie: Should I stay or should I go?


An ownership change causes growing pains.


Q: "I have been the practice manager at a GP for almost 20 years. Our owner recently sold to a small corporate outfit and I am not happy with some of the changes they are making. Should I say something or stay quiet and look for something else?"

I can certainly appreciate the challenge that comes with a major change like the one you are describing. This really boils down to two things. What specific changes have been made that you are uncomfortable with and how do they align with your core values? There need to be some administrative changes that come with the sale of the practice because the purchasing entity must have oversight. However, if you are talking about changes to patient care or client care, it's probably worth voicing your concerns to the medical director.

I encourage you to spend some time considering if you're experiencing growing pains or if you are dealing with changes that don't align with your core values. The former will likely get easier with time, while the later may mean that you should consider searching for something that is a better fit for you.

Katie Adams, CVPM, is owner and management consultant at Agrygation Consulting.

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