Are your CSRs ready for HBCs?


"Help! Tuffys been hit by a car!" Does your veterinary hospital team know how to respond?

You'll rarely face a more panicked person than the pet owner with an emergent pet. While you're confident you'll be able to effectively triage the pet and offer the best care, are you positive you've prepared your front office team to handle the special kind of crazy that happens to pet owners when their pets' lives are in danger? The right client care can make a lasting impression, regardless of the outcome of the pet. Consider training your team with these sample cases from The Veterinary Receptionist's Handbook, 3rd Edition. 

Check out the recently updated Veterinary Receptionist's Handbook for more tips and tools on handling client communication during an emergency as well as common questions about medical problems, surgical procedures, diagnostic tests, vaccinations, parasite control issues and much more.

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