All the feelings: Pet rehabilitative product picks

August 18, 2016

Get ready to exercise that "Awwww!" muscle: We round up the latest and greatest in pet rehabilitative products.

This product round-up makes us feel so warm and fuzzy we can hardly stand it! We selected some of our favorite rehabilitative products currently on the market so you and your team are up-to-date on the latest in wheelchairs, braces and other tools that help get pets back to their preferred mobility. But we won't tell if you secretly just want to peruse the pics to exercise your "Awwww!" muscle, either.

A veterinarian fits a patient with a Go Hero Go brace.

For legs, not teeth

First up is Go Hero Go stifle braces (tagline: For legs, not teeth) which borrow concepts from human knee braces and adapt them to a dog's unique way of walking. They are designed specifically for dogs with CCL or ACL tears. Dogs using a stifle brace are able to climb stairs paw over paw, can bear weght on the affected leg, walk with less pain and return to their regular, active lives.


Puddles using a K9 Carts wheelchair.

Cartin' around

K9 carts offer fully adjustable, convertible dog wheelchairs designed by professionals in pet mobility. Every K9 Cart is custom built in the U.S. The unique design built into every dog wheelchair allows each cart to convert between multiple support options. K9 Carts offers a complete product line of mobility and health care options for disabled pets as well. Here Puddles is seen enjoying the rear-support wheelchair.


Mutzu plays with a friend while wearing a Eddie's Wheels wheelchair.

Free wheelin'

Eddie's Wheels designs and manufactures custom dog wheelchairs and wheelchairs for a variety of handicapped pets. As caregivers of disabled dogs for the past 20 years, Ed and Leslie Grinnell knew what they wanted for their pets: a wheelchair designed for on and off-road play that would allow for their pets to enjoy a good quality of life while they healed. A mechanical engineer by trade, Ed's revolutionary design has been endorsed by veterinarians, rehab practitioners and canine chiropractors.