Algorithm: Can you help this pet owner pay?

September 27, 2018
Naomi Strollo, RVT

Veterinary clients want the best for their pets, but sometimes their financial situation gets in the way. Here's a short version of my long path I travel with veterinary clients when they complain about price, seem hesitant to comply with recommendations or say, straight up, they're under a financial strain.

Even when you communicate well, some veterinary clients will always be dissatisfied that you don't treat animals for free. We truly cater to pet owners, but when it comes to the payment part of a visit, we can sometimes feel like criminals because of the way we're treated. How can we give great customer service and amazing care and still discuss payment without coming across as heartless? It's all in the timing and approach-and answering crucial questions in careful conversations.

Could this algorithm help your team develop new communication protocols when walking through client payment conversations in your veterinary hospital? To find out, click here or on the image below for a PDF version.