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June 23, 2016

Its a big deal to get published on More veterinary professionals visit and engage with this site than any other in this market. And we want to keep it that way.

It's also no secret that there's great thinking on medicine, business, and team training happening inside animal health companies, and they're anxious to share their insights, opportunities, and points of view with veterinary professionals. On dvm360, they get that opportunity through advertising. Heres how it works when they buy placements that look more like articles and less like traditional ads:


Just as we provide the markets most respected KOLs and engaged practitioners with publishing guidelines, we give some to participating companies. And here they are:

> Its important that we share a desire to provide veterinary professionals with ideas, insights, and tools specifically designed to help them succeed in practice.

> We recommend that your articles be concise.

> The articles are yours to write in whatever way you like, but we reserve the right to decline them at our sole discretion. Libelous or obscene content, for example, will not be accepted.

We publish the articles companies provide as is, just as we do not edit print advertisements.

Under other circumstances, companies provide financial support for the dvm360 team to develop content. We designate that content as "sponsored" rather than "advertisement." You can learn more about sponsored content here.

Our goal is always to provide the best information we can to help you succeed in every facet of veterinary practice. And we do all this defining and labeling because we always want you to know who provided the content and under what circumstances. Of course, the huge majority of content on comes straight from expert contributing authors, editors, and other sources. And it's typically supported by the advertising that runs on the site.  

We hope you find all the information we deliver useful! Thank you for supporting the brands that help support and all you amazing people who work in veterinary practice to help promote and protect pet health.