ADM Animal Nutrition includes additional lots of farm animal feed products in new recall expansion


The company recently released a third list of recalled products following previous recalls announced earlier in 2024

Camerene Pendl/

Camerene Pendl/

ADM Animal Nutrition has issued another recall on feed products for cattle, chickens, equine, goats, lambs, llamas, rabbits, sheep, and swine, owing to elevated levels of magnesium, sodium, calcium, chloride and/or phosphorus. The recent recall, announced June 10, 2024, expands on the previous recalls reported by the company on March 30, 2024, and April 11, 2024.1

The affected products come from the Grostrong, MoorMan’s, MaxLean, Roughhage Buster, Pen Pals, Patriot, Goat Power, Juniorglo, Rack Plus, and Seniorglo brands. The complete list of additional products included in the latest recall consists of 56 products listed on the FDA’s website.

Some of the newly recalled products include the following2:

  • Goat Power Mineral for goats: lot number 505042QN; 50 lb bag; product number 80869AAA14; distributed January 17, 2024 through April 12, 2024; states affected are Florida, Georgia, Iowa, Missouri, and Ohio
  • 21% Lamb Creep BT for lambs: lot number 505416QN and 507705QN; 50 lb bag; product number 80909BGXE4; distributed January 19, 2024, through April 2, 2024; states affected are Arkansas, Colorado, Kansas, Missouri, and Oklahoma
  • 18% Lamb Grower CIT BT for lambs: lot number 505457QN; 50 lb bag; product number 80910BGXE4; distributed February 2, 2024, through April 1, 2024; states affected are Arizona, Colorado, Illinois, Missouri, Oregon, and Wisconsin
  • Juniorglo Horse Feed for equines: lot number 505902QN; 50 lb bag; product number 80955AAA24; distributed February 5, 2024, through March 28, 2024; states affected are Arkansas, Arizona, Colorado, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Texas, and Wyoming

Elevated levels of these minerals are harmful to farm animals. The most recognizable effect of excessive intake of magnesium in farm animals is diarrhea. Very high consumption of magnesium can also reduce feed consumption and hinder weight gain.3 In rabbits, increased levels can cause loose stools, reduced growth rate, and weakness.4,5

Relative to sodium, excess intake can lead to reduced feed consumption, egg production in chicken, growth rate, increased water consumption, and can be fatal to these animals.4,5 Adverse effects of elevated calcium and/or phosphorus levels include reduced feed intake and in swine, feed conversion.4,5

According to ADM Animal Nutrition, no illnesses have been reported to date. The products’ lot codes are located at the bottom of the label. The company advises consumers who have purchased the recalled products to immediately stop using them and return them to their distributor or “directly to ADM Animal Nutrition for a full refund.” Additionally, customers can contact ADM Animal Nutrition at 800-217-2007 between the hours of 8 AM and 4 PM (CST), Monday through Friday.1


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