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The program allows specialists to gain professional distinction by using the ACVIM fellow credential

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The American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine (ACVIM) has launched a new fellowship program in an effort to advance veterinary internal medicine expertise. The program is also designed to “foster collaborative excellence in the field of veterinary internal medicine,” according to an organizational release.1

The ACVIM Fellowship Program is promoting professional development for its’ diplomates who are interested in elevating their level of expertise and mastery in a specialty or focused discipline. The program will enable the organization to approve programs from private practices or academic institutions that meet a set of established criteria. It will also allow specialists to gain professional distinction by using the ACVIM fellow credential (FACVIM) followed by the particular domain of study following completion of an approved program.1

Key benefits of the ACVIM Fellowship Program include1:

  • Participants will enhance their credibility: ACVIM diplomates who complete a fellowship program will be identified as experts in a more narrowed area of study. Animal owners looking for specialized care will know that a veterinary professional has met criteria through additional training.
  • Institutions that provide programs can attract top quality trainees: By providing specific training programs unique to a specialized area of study, they will be considered prestigious in the profession.
  • Making a significant contribution to advancing veterinary internal medicine: The ACVIM Fellowship Program promotes individual growth and contributes to the global advancement of veterinary medicine. Fellows will be empowered to shape the future of the veterinary internal medicine specialty field through the completion of an approved program, according to ACVIM.

The organization has expressed a commitment to shaping the future of veterinary medicine and has a history of providing fellowship opportunties.1 It previously offered a pair of fellowship programs that ran from 2018 to 2020, but were discontinued by the organization in 2021. The former ACVIM Advanced Research Training Fellowship provided salary support for individuals who were committed to careers in veterinary research through clinical, translational or basic science methods; while the ACVIM Advanced Clinical Training Fellowship program assisted those forging veterinary clinical career paths. The launch of the new fellowship program follows a period of exploration by the organization aimed at expanding opportunities to veterinary specialists.2

"The ACVIM Fellowship Program represents a bold step towards redefining the boundaries of veterinary internal medicine,” said Keith Richter, DVM, MSEL, DACVIM (SAIM), chair of the Fellowship Committee, in the release. “It's a unique opportunity for passionate professionals to further their careers, collaborate with thought leaders, and drive innovation in their chosen field."1

Applications for the ACVIM Fellowship Program are now being accepted. To learn more about the program, eligibility criteria, and application process, visit the organization’s website at and view the Resources tab for the Diplomats page.1

In addition to fellowship programming, ACVIM provides travel awards that send candidates around the world for continuing education opportunities, and grants that support the organization’s mission to lead the veterinary industry in education, discovery, and medical excellence, according to its website. Recognitions for volunteer service and achievements in veterinary medicine are also routinely awarded by ACVIM.3


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