A multimodal approach to arthritic pain with nutraceuticals


During a dvm360® interview, Robert Silver, DVM, MS, advises that incorporating dietary supplements can enhance your treatment approach

In a dvm360® interview, Robert Silver, DVM, MS, explains how when nutraceuticals are coupled with traditional drug therapies and other modalities, it can benefit canines suffering from arthritis.

A partial transcript of the interview is below. View the video for more of the discussion.

Robert Silver, DVM, MS: Supplements can amplify the value of the NSAID, because they work more functionally with the body. The NSAIDs, we know, work through pathways to reduce inflammation, and by reducing inflammation, they secondarily reduce pain. But what the NSAIDs don't do is to actually modify organ function, and that's where supplements get in there, because they actually work with the biochemistry of the body to affect change, which could actually be considered 'healing.'

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