77-year-old veterinarian and basketball star


In this dvm360® interview, Marc Rosenberg, VMD, described his passion for basketball and highlighted when he participated in the Senior Olympics for the sport.

At 77 years old, you can find Marc Rosenberg, VMD, at the clinic as director of Vorhees Veterinary Center in New Jersey, or on the basketball court sinking shots. In this dvm360® interview, Rosenberg shared when his love for the sport began, his favorite aspects of the game, his experiences competing in the Senior Olympics, and more.

View the video below for the entire discussion. The following is a partial transcript.

Marc Rosenberg, VMD: I [enjoy] the camaraderie [of basketball], everybody [has] a common denominator, their love of the game. And I'm a taller guy so that always helps a little in basketball. Although there are many players that will have proven that wrong, I can certainly say that. So I would have to say that that kind of sums [up my favorite aspects of the sport], the love of the game, and being able to be part of a team effort.

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