60 seconds or less: Social media must-haves for veterinary practice


CVC educator Caitlin DeWilde, DVM, lays out social media and website needs for the beginner, the journeyman and the advanced veterinary practice manager or owner.

If you're still holding out on this "social media thing" or have just dipped your toe in the water, it's time to get moving or get left in the dust. CVC educator Caitlin DeWilde, DVM, is here to share the important spots for your clinic to be, socially.

Here's how it breaks down, with handy hyperlinks to sites explaining how to set up your veterinary hospital on these networks, apps and websites ...

Must-haves for an internet presence

"Those are the easy ways to start," Dr. DeWilde says. "They require minimal advanced knowledge of social media."

Nice-to-haves for a cooler style

Next-level internet advertising

Click the video below to hear Dr. DeWilde drop these options and then wrap up with some of the cool younger doctors and veterinary team members are using Snapchat in their hospitals.

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