6 ways to thank your veterinary team


Sometimes a simple thank you is enough. When a situation calls for a little more, you can try this quick list of ideas:

1. Hold a client service meeting to celebrate your service successes and set new goals.

2. Plan a staff appreciation meal or day to celebrate your team.

3. For tech-savvy employees, send a “thank you” text that offers sincere praise, such as, “You were really phenomenal today. Thanks for the way you handled that dog.”

4. Buy pizza or bagels for your team to celebrate hard work on a stressful day.

5. Give team members or clients hand-written thank you cards to create a lasting impression. That way they can pull out the card and read it again when they’re having a bad day.

6. Offer additional educational opportunities to recognize a job well done. Consider sending team members to CVC in Washington, D.C. this April (head to thecvc.com for more info) or paying for online training to say thanks.

Remember praise isn’t just for good days. In fact, it's on the bad days that your kind words may mean the most.

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